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Newport & District League - Division 1


29 April 2017

Albion Rovers62Newport Corinthians

26 April 2017

Machen27Villa Dino Christchurch

22 April 2017

Albion Rovers22Cwmcarn Athletic
Villa Dino Christchurch22Croesyceiliog Athletic
West of St Julians42Caerleon

20 April 2017

Villa Dino Christchurch34West of St Julians

15 April 2017

Machen62Villa Dino Christchurch
River Usk23Cwmcarn Athletic
West of St Julians08Albion Rovers

8 April 2017

Cwmcarn Athletic51West of St Julians
River Usk14Croesyceiliog Athletic
Upper Cwmbran50Villa Dino Christchurch

5 April 2017

Caerleon11Villa Dino Christchurch
Cwmcarn Athletic33AC Pontymister

25 March 2017

Croesyceiliog Athletic82Villa Dino Christchurch
The Docks Cons23Caerleon
West of St Julians21Machen

18 March 2017

Newport Corinthians60Upper Cwmbran
River Usk12AC Pontymister
The Docks Cons09Croesyceiliog Athletic
Villa Dino Christchurch25Cwmcarn Athletic

11 March 2017

Cwmcarn Athletic34Caerleon
River Usk11Newport Corinthians

4 March 2017

Upper Cwmbran04Croesyceiliog Athletic

25 February 2017

AC Pontymister48Albion Rovers
Croesyceiliog Athletic31Caerleon
The Docks Cons27Newport Corinthians

18 February 2017

Albion Rovers51Machen
Caerleon10Croesyceiliog Athletic
Cwmcarn Athletic51The Docks Cons
Newport Corinthians25River Usk

11 February 2017

Caerleon10AC Pontymister
The Docks Cons05Albion Rovers

28 January 2017

AC Pontymister21West of St Julians
Croesyceiliog Athletic42Albion Rovers
Newport Corinthians40Cwmcarn Athletic
River Usk34Caerleon
Upper Cwmbran211Machen
Villa Dino Christchurch00The Docks Cons

21 January 2017

Cwmcarn Athletic22Albion Rovers
Machen02Croesyceiliog Athletic
River Usk63Villa Dino Christchurch
Upper Cwmbran010AC Pontymister

14 January 2017

Caerleon23Albion Rovers
Cwmcarn Athletic28Machen
River Usk43The Docks Cons
Villa Dino Christchurch02AC Pontymister
West of St Julians21Newport Corinthians

7 January 2017

AC Pontymister22Croesyceiliog Athletic
Albion Rovers54River Usk
Caerleon31Cwmcarn Athletic
Machen01The Docks Cons
Villa Dino Christchurch12Newport Corinthians
West of St Julians203Upper Cwmbran

17 December 2016

AC Pontymister72Upper Cwmbran
Caerleon13The Docks Cons
Cwmcarn Athletic31River Usk
Newport Corinthians16West of St Julians

10 December 2016

Croesyceiliog Athletic40Newport Corinthians
Machen33AC Pontymister
Upper Cwmbran29Cwmcarn Athletic

3 December 2016

AC Pontymister34Newport Corinthians
Caerleon23River Usk
Machen81Upper Cwmbran
The Docks Cons27West of St Julians
Villa Dino Christchurch42Albion Rovers

26 November 2016

AC Pontymister01The Docks Cons
Albion Rovers131Upper Cwmbran
Cwmcarn Athletic05Croesyceiliog Athletic
Newport Corinthians55Machen
River Usk33West of St Julians

19 November 2016

West of St Julians40AC Pontymister

5 November 2016

AC Pontymister22Newport Corinthians
Albion Rovers12Villa Dino Christchurch
West of St Julians10The Docks Cons

29 October 2016

AC Pontymister21Cwmcarn Athletic
Caerleon41West of St Julians
Croesyceiliog Athletic44Machen
The Docks Cons62Upper Cwmbran
Villa Dino Christchurch27River Usk

22 October 2016

Albion Rovers22AC Pontymister
Caerleon60Upper Cwmbran
Croesyceiliog Athletic22The Docks Cons
Cwmcarn Athletic24Newport Corinthians
Machen02River Usk
West of St Julians15Villa Dino Christchurch

15 October 2016

AC Pontymister05River Usk
Croesyceiliog Athletic32West of St Julians
Newport Corinthians44Albion Rovers
The Docks Cons22Machen
Villa Dino Christchurch50Upper Cwmbran

8 October 2016

Caerleon14Newport Corinthians
Upper Cwmbran31The Docks Cons

1 October 2016

River Usk53Upper Cwmbran

24 September 2016

Croesyceiliog Athletic64AC Pontymister
River Usk16Albion Rovers
The Docks Cons04Villa Dino Christchurch
Upper Cwmbran33Newport Corinthians
West of St Julians82Cwmcarn Athletic

17 September 2016

AC Pontymister12Machen
Albion Rovers25West of St Julians
Cwmcarn Athletic44Upper Cwmbran
Newport Corinthians48Croesyceiliog Athletic
Villa Dino Christchurch21Caerleon

7 September 2016

Croesyceiliog Athletic32Cwmcarn Athletic
Machen11Newport Corinthians
The Docks Cons44AC Pontymister
Upper Cwmbran22Albion Rovers
West of St Julians32River Usk

3 September 2016

AC Pontymister24Caerleon
Albion Rovers11Croesyceiliog Athletic
Machen34Cwmcarn Athletic
Newport Corinthians22The Docks Cons
Upper Cwmbran20River Usk

31 August 2016

AC Pontymister33Villa Dino Christchurch
Croesyceiliog Athletic71River Usk
Machen32Albion Rovers
Newport Corinthians12Caerleon
The Docks Cons00Cwmcarn Athletic
Upper Cwmbran26West of St Julians

27 August 2016

Albion Rovers52The Docks Cons
Newport Corinthians32Villa Dino Christchurch
River Usk30Machen
Upper Cwmbran26Caerleon
West of St Julians23Croesyceiliog Athletic

24 August 2016

Albion Rovers00Caerleon
Croesyceiliog Athletic42Upper Cwmbran
Cwmcarn Athletic61Villa Dino Christchurch
Machen35West of St Julians
The Docks Cons35River Usk