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Vale of Glamorgan League Division 1


27 April 2022

Sully Sports Reserves24Vale United Reserves

20 April 2022

BV Reserves41Rhoose Social
Vale Athletic22Vale United Reserves

13 April 2022

BV Reserves13Vale United Reserves

9 April 2022

Cwm Talwg33Sully Sports Reserves
Vale United Reserves71Vale Athletic

6 April 2022

Rhoose Social22Vale Madrid
Sully Sports Reserves70BV Reserves

2 April 2022

Cwm Talwg22Vale Athletic
St Athan C13Rhoose Social

19 March 2022

Holton Road Reserves32Island Marine Reserves
Rhoose Social22St Athan B
Vale Athletic51St Athan C
Vale United Reserves121Vale Madrid

12 March 2022

St Athan B02Vale Athletic
Vale Madrid13Rhoose Social

5 March 2022

Island Marine Reserves01Cwm Talwg
St Athan B43Vale Madrid
St Athan C36Holton Road Reserves
Vale Athletic21BV Reserves
Vale United Reserves03Sully Sports Reserves

12 February 2022

Island Marine Reserves21St Athan C
Vale Madrid25Holton Road Reserves

5 February 2022

Round 2

Cwm Talwg42BV Reserves
Island Marine Reserves13Vale Athletic
St Athan B02Sully Sports Reserves
Vale United Reserves21Holton Road Reserves

22 January 2022

Holton Road Reserves10St Athan B
Rhoose Social43Island Marine Reserves
Vale Madrid12BV Reserves

15 January 2022

Holton Road Reserves23Cwm Talwg
Vale United Reserves13St Athan B

11 December 2021

Island Marine Reserves75Vale Madrid
Sully Sports Reserves64Vale Athletic

4 December 2021

Cwm Talwg100St Athan C
Rhoose Social30Vale Athletic
St Athan B80Island Marine Reserves
Sully Sports Reserves14Holton Road Reserves
Vale Madrid27Vale United Reserves

27 November 2021

BV Reserves03Holton Road Reserves
Cwm Talwg13Rhoose Social
Vale Athletic40St Athan B
Vale Madrid15Sully Sports Reserves
Vale United Reserves52Island Marine Reserves

20 November 2021

BV Reserves46Sully Sports Reserves
Cwm Talwg31Island Marine Reserves
Rhoose Social24Holton Road Reserves
St Athan C102Vale Madrid

6 November 2021

BV Reserves12St Athan C
Island Marine Reserves23Sully Sports Reserves
St Athan B12Cwm Talwg

30 October 2021

Rhoose Social12Cwm Talwg
St Athan B21St Athan C
Vale Athletic112Island Marine Reserves

23 October 2021

BV Reserves04Island Marine Reserves
St Athan C111Sully Sports Reserves
Vale Athletic34Holton Road Reserves
Vale United Reserves35Cwm Talwg

16 October 2021

BV Reserves22St Athan B
Island Marine Reserves12Rhoose Social
St Athan C16Vale United Reserves
Vale Athletic45Sully Sports Reserves
Vale Madrid06Cwm Talwg

9 October 2021

Holton Road Reserves60BV Reserves
St Athan C25Vale Athletic
Sully Sports Reserves50St Athan B
Vale Madrid21Island Marine Reserves
Vale United Reserves53Rhoose Social

2 October 2021

Holton Road Reserves44Rhoose Social
St Athan B26Vale United Reserves
St Athan C06Cwm Talwg
Sully Sports Reserves74Island Marine Reserves
Vale Madrid00Vale Athletic

25 September 2021

Island Marine Reserves13Holton Road Reserves
St Athan B22BV Reserves
Sully Sports Reserves31Cwm Talwg
Vale Athletic22Rhoose Social
Vale Madrid02St Athan C

18 September 2021

Rhoose Social43Sully Sports Reserves
St Athan C12Island Marine Reserves
Vale Athletic30Cwm Talwg
Vale Madrid33St Athan B
Vale United Reserves51BV Reserves

11 September 2021

Holton Road Reserves17Vale United Reserves
St Athan C15St Athan B
Sully Sports Reserves33Rhoose Social

4 September 2021

BV Reserves28Cwm Talwg
Holton Road Reserves60St Athan C
Island Marine Reserves03St Athan B
Rhoose Social20Vale United Reserves
Vale Athletic42Vale Madrid

28 August 2021

Holton Road Reserves43Vale Madrid
St Athan C24BV Reserves

25 August 2021

BV Reserves23Vale Athletic
Cwm Talwg11Holton Road Reserves
Sully Sports Reserves81Vale Madrid
Vale United Reserves40St Athan C

21 August 2021

Cwm Talwg31Vale United Reserves
Holton Road Reserves14Vale Athletic
Island Marine Reserves11BV Reserves
St Athan B25Rhoose Social
Sully Sports Reserves90St Athan C

18 August 2021

BV Reserves25Vale Madrid
Cwm Talwg21St Athan B
Holton Road Reserves03Sully Sports Reserves
Rhoose Social120St Athan C

14 August 2021

Cwm Talwg83Vale Madrid
Island Marine Reserves12Vale United Reserves
Rhoose Social71BV Reserves
St Athan B02Holton Road Reserves